About Us

Isotanques, Transportes y Quimicos, Inc.

Isotanques, Transportes y Quimicos, Inc. (ITQ INC) is an international logistics company which proudly wears the badge as the only international tank container operator based in the Central American region. Our main office based in Panama City, the capital of Panama, the vibrant economic and transportation hub in Central America. Panama is also the location of the inter-oceanic Panama Canal, a vital waterway that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. According to the World Bank, “Panama has been one of the fastest-growing economies in the world,” with real GDP increasing at an average of 5.6% per year in the last five years.

Our main goal is to become an integral provider of logistics solutions for our customers, based on a robust service culture cultivated in over 20 years of dedication to the logistics and isotanks industries, and our knowledge of the local industries in the region. We took our first steps as logistics service providers in Venezuela over 15 years ago, and gradually met customers and gained experience in the most important regional markets. We currently serve industries anywhere from the United States and Europe to the main regional countries as Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Central America, and the Caribbean Basin nations.

Our experience and our network of agents and allies allow us to offer transportation and logistics services through different cargo modes as:

  • Food and chemical grades 20 ft. SS tank containers
  • 20 ft. flexibags
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Dry cargo containers

However, we build our strengths on the commitment to be an end-to end service provider for our customers, and we have built capabilities to provide intermodal service from door to door according to the customer’s needs. End-to-end service implies that we use our knowledge of the regional industry to help our customers source their products and to act as the bridge between producers and consumers of the products we transport. As our mission dictates, we aim to be a permanent logistics supplier with the highest standards of service, effectively responding to the needs of comprehensive transportation and distribution logistics for the benefit of our customers and shareholders.