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Unlocking Efficiency: Benefits to work with Isotanks in transportation

Explore the advantages of incorporating isotanks into your logistics strategy. From enhanced safety and versatility to streamlined transportation of bulk liquids, discover how isotanks revolutionize the efficiency of your supply chain, providing a secure and adaptable solution for the seamless movement of goods worldwide.

Cost competitive

The use of isotanks as transport mode has proved to be a cost-efficient option for an ample array of products and situations. If you are still using drums, we will be glad to help you with the cost analysis and comparison with bulk isotanks transport.

Safe Handling of Cargoes

Isotanks are built following strict codes of the metals industry. The standard material is stainless steel grade 316. Its unique discharge valve provides an efficient tree closures system, which makes isotank leaks a rather unusual occurrence.

Inter-modal Capacities

Isotank manufacturers also follow ISO standards, and the equipment fits like a regular 20 feet container. They can be transported by road, rail or boat which allows then to reach any destination if any of these means of transport is available.

Bulk Quantities

Isotanks are built in capacities ranging from 14,000 liters to 26,000 liters, which makes them adaptable to diverse bulk handling situations. Unlike drums or flexibags, isotanks are adequate for handling hazardous materials at a low-risk level.

Service Reliability

Isotanks are operated by specific companies that focus all their attention on the operations and logistics of their own isotanks fleet. Isotank operators offer personalized custom-tailored service according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Service Versatility

Isotank manufacturers can design and build containers capable of moving anything from a dense asphalt to liquids requiring cryogenic conditions for their transportation. Some projects include isotanks specially designed to fit unique supply needs.


Whether it's bulk liquid transportation, storage, procurement, or specialized projects, we meticulously analyze the unique demands and expectations of our clients. This thoughtful examination enables us to tailor a solution that aligns precisely with their specific circumstances. Our services are intricately designed and crafted to not only meet but exceed our clients' distinct needs, ensuring a bespoke and highly effective approach to every aspect of bulk liquid logistics.

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ITQ Inc, is an International Logistics Company which proudly wears the badge as the only Isotank International Operator based in the Central American region.