Supply Chain Solutions

ITQ INC has developed infrastructure and a network of agents and allies that enables us to work together with our customers in supply solutions that provide them with significant competitive advantages.

Storage “Bond Fiscal” in the Free Trade Zone at Panapark, Panama
The Panamanian legal frame allows entrepreneurs to invest and operate in Panama while enjoying significant tax advantages. Companies can import with deferred tax obligations, lower tax rates, and tax exemptions for companies that assemble and reexport their finished goods.

Distribution Support adapted to the needs of our customers
ITQ INC has the knowledge and capacity to support companies’ needs of distribution projects. If you are interested in importing, distribution, repackaging bulk to IBCs or drums, or just storing, ITQ INC will be your perfect partner for the task.

Dry Bulk Logistics
In some situations, companies have advantages in moving their products in drums or smaller containers. Likewise, solid products will always require their handling as dry cargo. No problem, ITQ INC is here to support you with our network of agents and suppliers and will securely move your freight, complying with all legal and commercial requirements.

Terminal Operations Projects
If your operation is in bulk quantities, implying tankers, storage tanks, and bulk liquid handling facilities, ITQ INC will be your best ally and source of knowledge. We can help you all the way from procurement to final delivery. Our network, expertise, and experience have given us the capacity to be your partner in all phases of the supply chain.

Project Developments in the Panama Canal Zone
Panama is growing at an accelerated pace and becoming an important commercial hub for the region. The Panama Canal puts the country in the routes of almost any maritime shipper in the world. Opportunities abound and, in alliance with major Panamanian ports operators, we are in capacity to offer projects on the handling of containerized, RO-RO, general cargo and intermodal at the most important ports facilities in Panama.

Channel to Sources and Markets
Supported by our network of agents and suppliers, ITQ INC can help you find reliable sources for your raw materials as well as consumer markets for your finished goods. Talk to us if you have doubts about sourcing, logistics, and legal issues of your trade.